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What can we help you with?

Image Mentor has been enhancing your Documentum ApplicationXtender system since 2002. Along with knowing the full ins and outs of ApplicationXtender, we offer a wide range of other similar products meant to help document imaging customers with the tedious day-to-day work that usually consumes large amounts of their time

The primary focus of our products are designed to complete the management of your ApplicationXtender system. This includes an easy integration tool for just about any 3rd party product, complete and powerful document retention software, stunning audit reporting and management tools, document undelete features, and other necessary addons to keep your ApplicationXtender system fully compliant with your companies policies and needs. All of which require no programming, no professional service or installation fees and no sql scripting - of any kind; to both setup and use.

Many of our standard image and file conversion products are not dependant or dedicated to only ApplicationXtender or any other particular content management or document imaging product. Having real-world working knowledge of how you work, and what you expect, our products fill in the holes that vendors seem to have left with their systems.

Many vendors do not support integration or conversion to or from another system, or want to charge you a hefty price for custom integration. That is where we step in. Please visit our products to see what problems they solve.

Image Mentor specializes in enhancing and adding to your Documentum ApplicationXtender document management system.
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