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FileNet and Other Collaborative Solutions

by: Joe Miller

In the midst of the bustle and shuffle of the collaborative whirlwind of documents, drafts, e-mails, and electronic documents that is 21st century business, it is important to evaluate the best collaborative software suites available on the market today. FileNet packages have stepped up to the plate to seek to provide helpful tools for organizing the enterprise content that exists in the modern-day corporation: e-mails and drafts of presentations, reports, and budgets.

FileNet is a provider of collaborative document management. FileNet helps to organize and file electronic documents and drafts, making it easier to put together the pieces of the often complex business collaboration puzzle.

The business process may sometimes seem in serious disarray. With each project and report there could be any number of individuals forming a committee, including members of management and clients. The trick is to bring into one document the individual ideas of each group member. FileNet recognizes that this process necessitates sending e-mailed drafts back and forth, saving multiple versions of a document on multiple drives and servers, and organizing the drafts prior to merging.

FileNet provides an electronic system in which to track systematic editorial processes of businesses. FileNet is installed with the ability to integrate with most IT infrastructures. Businesses may choose other collaborative software, or groupware that covers more informal, or ad hoc, processes that FileNet cannot cover. The important thing is that businesses find collaborative software which meets its specific needs.

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