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It's Not If You Will Lose Your Data, It's When Will You Lose Your Data

by: Mike Makler

With Adware, SpyWare, E-Mail Viruses, Java Script Viruses and Hardware failures It isn't a matter of If you will loose your Data it is a matter of When you will loose your Data! By spending a few extra minutes now using a Simple Back Up Strategy, you can save yourself big headaches later.

You Should Always have a Full Backup of your Online Business Directory and all it's subdirectories for the Last 4 Weeks as well daily incremental backups for a month or More. In Addition you should have Monthly off site Backups. I actually Backup my Entire My Documents Directory. My Tools are:

  • 5 DVD-RW discs

  • Sharpie Permanent Marker(s)

  • A Calendar

  • A Stack of DVD-Rs

  • A Small 64 MB USB Hard Drive

Weekly Rotating Backups

Get a calendar Pick one day a Week (Tuesday). Number each Tuesday from 1-5 over and over

  • September 6.2005 would be 1

  • September 13.2005 would be 2

  • September 20.2005 would be 3

  • September 27.2005 would be 4

  • October 4.2005 would be 5

  • October 11.2005 would start over with Number 1

Now Using Your Sharpie Permanent Marker Label Each DVD-RW Disk1, Disk2 .... Thru Disk 5

Each Tuesday (or whatever day you like) look at the calendar and use the disk with the same number for the Backup. Burn Your Online Business Directory and all it's subdirectories to the DVD-RW for that week

  • September 6.2005 Use Disk 1

  • September 13.2005 Use Disk 2

  • September 20.2005 Use Disk 3

  • September 27.2005 Use Disk 4

  • October 4.2005 Use Disk 5

  • October 11.2005 would start over with Number 1

By Following the Above Weekly Rotating Backups Instructions you will always have 5 Weeks of backup.


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