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Migration Master Premium

Migration Master Premium

Migration Master Premium is our latest Document Management\Document Imaging conversion software package. Using this product, user can easily transfer images and other document files stored in their ApplicationXtender repository to a flat file format. This product is designed to replace both of our AX Migration Master and ScanFile Migration Master software products with one easy to use wizard interface.

With Migration Master Premium, you can easily export any number of documents stored within your AX software repository.  From simply making a copy of a few hundred records for shipping to an offsite location, to converting an entire ApplicationXtender system; Migration Master Premium is the product you need. Are you in the need to export a few thousand documents to PDF, or do you have needs to store your documents on microfilm or microfich? This product can provide all the functionality you could ever want.

Migration Master Premium offers all of the great features found in both the AX Migration Master and ScanFile Migration Master products, including:

  • Image Conversion Features 

  • Index Exporting Features

  • Image Enhancement Features 

  • OCR Creation Features 

  • Microfilm Creation Features 

  • and more... 
  • However, some of the new features include:

    • Defined Settings, not tied to specific applications.

    • Custom folder and filename creation based on field names and many other available data values.

    • Ability to update your AX system with Roll, Frame or even Exported Date and Time.

    • Store an Export history in any ODBC database, and easily share this between multiple export machines.

  • Full support for many non-image file types

  • Ability to use a TIFF printer to print many document types to an image file

  • Restoration of over 200 different file type extensions

  • Removal of OLE header information from exported files

  • SDK to allow users to write custom export formats, custom sources, and even custom file converters.
  • Migration Master Premium also allows developers access to create their own custom plugins. These can connect to and access information stored in different Document Management, Content Management and other Imaging Systems, store information into another product, or provide a custom conversion for specialty file types. 




    Image Mentor specializes in enhancing your Documentum ApplicationXtender document management system.
    We offer a full range of products to manage, integrate and make your AppXtender imaging system fully compliant with all of your company and user needs.

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    Updated: 09/11/2014