Welcome to Image Mentor - AX Auditing and Retention

This application will allow you to generate common reports, graphs and tables from your ApplicationXtender Audit Logging.

Along with this, you can now define powerful, useful document retention schedules for the documents you have stored in you ApplicationXtender system. This includes unique timeframes for locking, reviewing and deleting documents from your AX database.

Another new feature of this version includes the ability to Undelete documents or pages that user may have deleted from the ApplicationXtender system. Now you can easily recover document without having to revert to a database backup or trying to reimport the documents.

Lastly, another feature, however not fully implemented, is the ability to keep a change-log of the index values within your ApplicationXtender system. Currently you can enable the change log, and the system will keep track of index value changes. There is currently no method to view the changes however. This will be implemented in the next release of the product.

When you start this application for the first time, you will need to define your first database connection. You must have a database connection defined in order to use this application. You are allowed to have several different connections defined at any time. Please see the Connections section of this help documentation for further details on how to set this up. All retention and auditing settings are stored uniquely per database connection, and are not shared in any way between them.

Minimum System Requirements:

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